Where Do I Start?

Welcome to SDFutures! We’re here to help you develop as a storyteller and connect with other young writers. But where to begin?

In the Courses section, you’ll find the Introductory Course on Writing Imaginative Fiction. It’s self-paced, meaning you can work through it on your schedule. In that course, you’ll have access to video talks (with transcripts), exercises you can complete and share in the forum, and class readings where you can read and comment alongside other students and better learn how to read like a writer.

We also have a number of courses with professional writers coming this summer, so stay tuned! These courses will be taught via Zoom (a videoconferencing app, which is free and easy to use) and give you a chance to work on different aspects of writing imaginative fiction with some of the best people writing it today.

In the Resources section, you’ll find links to videos, essays, and other tools that you can use to improve your skill in writing science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and that might inspire future stories.

And the Forum, besides being where you can share your writing exercises, is a place dedicated to connecting with other young writers.

2 responses to “Where Do I Start?”

  1. Would you be interested in having a journalist as guest writer? We do have some very creative writers on staff, that are outside of AP news style. if so, please contact me.

    1. Thank you for getting in touch! We’re at about capacity for this summer, but email us at info@imagination.ucsd.edu – perhaps we can find ways to work together in the future!

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