Imaginative Writing for Teens

Imagining fantastic worlds and the future has never been more important.

It’s we how expand our sense of what is possible. It’s how we change our culture, save our planet, and make stories that create better futures for our loved ones and ourselves. Join us in exploring the power and potential of one of our most powerful human capacities: imagination.


Join us on a journey to expand our sense of the possible!


News from SDFutures:

Meet the Instructors!

SDFutures is coming soon, so we wanted to highlight each of the AMAZING instructors leading FREE classes to teen writers over the few months via Zoom. First up is the indelible Lilliam Rivera, whose writing spans genres and styles but is always fearsomely unique. DEALING IN DREAMS, in particular, imagines one of the most fascinating…

Where Do I Start?

Welcome to SDFutures! We’re here to help you develop as a storyteller and connect with other young writers. But where to begin? In the Courses section, you’ll find the Introductory Course on Writing Imaginative Fiction. It’s self-paced, meaning you can work through it on your schedule. In that course, you’ll have access to video talks…

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